Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Devil's Food with Whipped Ganache and Dark Chocolate Glaze

So, I'm on this personal quest to find the best chocolate cake. I made my second great attempt at it yesterday for my father-in-law's birthday. In fact, if you invite me to your party, I'll probably make you one too. So many recipes, so little time. Anyway, this was probably the best I've tasted yet, restaurant cakes included (you know they're always too dry) so it's gonna be hard to beat. Good thing too, it took me all stinking day to make. I'll get around to posting the recipe but I had to throw the picture up on here first. Whatcha think??

P.S. the combination of all the various kinds of chocolate was perfect in the cake itself, but the chocolate ruffle decorations made it too much. Next time I'll just decorate with some fresh strawberries. Or maybe even cinnamon sticks dipped in chocolate since the for the ganache I used cinnamon infused cream. Mmmmmm :)


Liimatta said...

Wow...that cake is beautiful. I really should've had more than just one bite. It really does taste as good as it looks, if not better! For some reason I can say no to sweets during the day, but once all the kids are asleep in the evening I crave any and all sweets.

Heidi said...

Bonnie you're killing me, send me that recipe!!!